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I was what you are, I am what you will be

Hope is not forgotten

Black Tears Entries
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From the Light of day, to descend into the Lower world.

Her life was hard but she always went through with a smile, until she made one nearly fatal mistake. Left to die on the streets Mai is given a second chance, gladly accepting she travels to the land of humans, were she vows that things will never be the same. Hoping only to get through her life in a more peaceful way she meets the eccentric, Nikoaru, a girl who is more then meets the eye. Her chance at a peacful life ruined, by redundant strangers, and a murderous, deranged, outsider.



All Things Black Tears and associated with Black tears is property of Aimeechinu, Art is property if Squeegee-san, you steal anything...I'll hunt you down and have Tsurashi-san kill you.