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07 April 2004 @ 02:24 pm
Estranged from oneself  
Mai and that one guy are fighting and it's irritating, numerous times I wanted to push him off the building, but was distracted.
He rambled on and on about stupid things me and Mai didn't care about.. so we played that game.. I forgot what it was called.

He's incredibly stupid. @.@

Online degree programs.

I should kick him.

After Mai-mai left he talked to me about something.. uh.. called a mom. He said it was something like Meiyo.. but more kind. Oh! And that one word.. it started with an L..
He said his 'mom' was very nice.. that everyone of her race was kind..
His 'family'

It was only slightly interesting.. I saw a leaf it was like, wooo and fell on the roof.

But I don't have a family.. or one like that.

No, wait, I have Mai.. Mai is kind to me.. not everyone else. I don't care though. Mai is my only family.

And I like it that way..