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I know that Nikoaru hates him, and I do too. It's just he's not an easy person to get ride of. He seems to be every where. Always bothering me, there's no escape.

The only reason I wanted to help him before was because I wanted to knock the killing thing out of him so he wouldn't be coming after me anymore....Though now that I think about it, I could just as easily let Nikoaru or even him...Only problem is if his little "friends" get word that he's dead, more will come. And that's exactly what I want....more idiots to follow me around. I'm not even sure how I find them all, must be an idiot magnet. Just my luck.

Nikoaru, I know you want to kill him, and someday, maybe. I'll let you. Until then I'm sorry to make you put up with him, I'm not amused by it either...

I hate that one guy, the one that appears out of no where and tries to talk to Mai. He doesn't deserve to be around her. He's stupid and crazy and at random times tries to kill us all. He's not threat though. I could beat him easily, but Mai doesn't want me to. Which angers me even more. She can't like him better then me.
It's to bad he didn't die. That would have been funny.. Thought, I'd rather I killed him myself.

He has mood swings to. I wish Mai would just forget about him. She can't help him, well, maybe, but what's the point? He's just trying to take her away from me because he hates me as much as I hate him.. or not, I hate him more.

Stupid idiot..

Meiyo scares me.

I'm not afraid to admit it, she holds Nikoaru's life in her hands. If she is even pushed slightly then Nikoaru could die. I know that. And I try to stop her from getting angry at one of us, I know she could snap at any moment. I can't let that happen. Even for the stupid little "girl" that can barely remember her own name. I won't let her be killed because of something I did...Or he did.

I am weak. I am weak. I know that. And I don't need him to remind me. I'm a cowardly, a person who wants to leave her problems behind. But it's for a good reason. He wants to help me, he doesn't even know me, he doesn't even try. We're always arguing at some point in time. He can't help if he doesn't know what's going on. The poor stupid idiot...

I know that with the little power I have I can't do much. But I know that I'm willing to risk my life for Nikoaru's sake. I will do anything in my power against Meiyo if it means protecting my only friend.

I would die to save her.

20 April 2004 @ 05:55 pm
I would have to remember what happened to receive these cuts on me. I don't quite remember..

All I know was that Mai was there and that one guy.. that one guy Mai hates? Or, no? Oh well! Doesn't matter. Anyways, he wasn't very nice.. I think he walked off? Hmmm..

Oh yeah! Then moved me away from Mai. What the hell.. I'd rather have her help me then this stranger I don't know. I wish Mai would just kill him because Im not allowed to.

But.. there is someone I want to kill more then him anyways.. and he's more importent to plot death apone.
Death apone, stab? Yes. With random sharp objects and pools of jello.

Nikoaru showed us a wonderful place today, full of flowers. Lately the sight of flowers makes me smile, I guess that's a good thing. I'm smiling a lot more lately, I guess. If you could call what I do smiling. It's mostly because of Nikoaru, she's the first thing I've ever had that was close to a real friend. Even though she can't remember anything.

She waited today outside my school, unfourtunatly he was there too. Wanted to surprise me, it made me smile watching him fall on his face. I enjoyed that. Most of the time I ignored him though, Until we went to the field of flowers:

He constantly asks about Nikoaru. I'm tired of people asking me about her, it's getting very annoying. He asked where she stayed, I was just admiring the flowers, I said something but I don't remember exactly what it was. Hm, I wonder. Oh well, who cares.

08 April 2004 @ 11:00 pm
I showed Mai the thing I found.. I also killed some of the.. flowers, I think they are called, now my hands are differen't colors...

What's his name was at.. the place Mai comes from? Odd..
07 April 2004 @ 03:14 pm
He is truly the biggest idiot I have ever met. I hate him! Obviously though he is too dense to see that..Figures. The insane babble that comes from his mouth, Wow, You'd think I cared or something. He just went on and on. I wasn't paying attention, rarely do. I know that Nikoaru wasn't either, she never really does but I'd take her nonsense over his words. He really needs to learn that none of us are listening to him. While he was spouting something Nikoaru and I were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. We never got to finish our game because he had to interupt it. What a jerk, I was so tempted to cut his throat then and there, unfortunatly I didn't.

Yesterday, some creature was chasing him "Angels" I think. What those are I don't know, but they really didn't like him. Almost tried to kill him. Too bad it didn't

A loner, that's what he called me. I don't want peoples help! And I won't tell them what's wrong either because I really could care less if people help me or not. So what if I'm a loner, I have Nikoaru for a friend and I'm happy the way things are. What a jerk..
07 April 2004 @ 02:24 pm
Mai and that one guy are fighting and it's irritating, numerous times I wanted to push him off the building, but was distracted.
He rambled on and on about stupid things me and Mai didn't care about.. so we played that game.. I forgot what it was called.

He's incredibly stupid. @.@

Online degree programs.

I should kick him.

After Mai-mai left he talked to me about something.. uh.. called a mom. He said it was something like Meiyo.. but more kind. Oh! And that one word.. it started with an L..
He said his 'mom' was very nice.. that everyone of her race was kind..
His 'family'

It was only slightly interesting.. I saw a leaf it was like, wooo and fell on the roof.

But I don't have a family.. or one like that.

No, wait, I have Mai.. Mai is kind to me.. not everyone else. I don't care though. Mai is my only family.

And I like it that way..